Thursday, 28 February 2019

Cycling Impressions Interviews: Lucinda Brand

We had the great pleasure to interview Lucinda Brand, a road cycling champion and a cyclo-cross legend!
Here is what she told us:

Hi Lucinda and thank you very much, it is a pleasure and a honor to interview you!
Did you start with road cycling, track cycling or cyclocross and which is your favorite?
I started with road cycling.
When I was 14 years old my dad bought a cyclocross bike for me so I could continue riding my bike in the winter.
Actually, I never have been riding on the track. I never really showed any interest in it, so my parents either me, never took the time to travel to the track to try out. Still the track sounds a bit boring to me, but if I once gonna try, then the Madison would be the one I want to learn!
Choosing a favorite out of road or cross is hard for me. I like the games you play with road cycling and I like the quickly changes of the circumstances and technical challenges in cross.

What is your favorite race?
There are two races I’m very disappointed if I cannot race them. Both are in Italy, Strade Bianche and Giro Rosa. It’s nice they are both in a country I love, but that isn’t the only reason.
Of course Strade has a closer link to cyclocross, it’s an heroic race, you need more then ‘just’ able to ride hard. Giro Rosa is the one of the longest stage races we have.
I like stages races, it feels like I’m becoming stronger every day. The giro also have some surprises, a stage can be longer or a short hill becomes a climb. Mostly there will be stages for every kind of rider.
This combination under a bit harder (warmer) weather conditions I really like and it suits me.

I've to say that I agree with you, they are both fantastic races! You have won a lot of races, including two stages at the Giro Rosa, which is you favorite victory and why?
It’s hard to choose one victory. Every victory has its own special feeling. A extreme breakaway, the team effort, the route I had made to reach the goal.

Who is your sport hero?
I’m not a person who has a real hero.

Okay, let's move to the next question. What is your goal for 2019?
One of my goals is already passed as, the first goal was already in the begin of February, to go for the World title cyclocross, unfortunately I didn’t made it. One of the other goals will be in the summer, last year I just missed the podium in the Giro, so this year I will go full to step on the podium.

You have excited us so much during the Cyclocross World Championships that your second place smells like a victory. 
Let's change topic: hobbies when you don't cycle?
Since I have a motorcycle that’s one of the things I like to do when I’m free and the weather is good. As I’m a lot on the road, it is nice to be just home some moments and take some easy time with friends.

Thank you very much Lucinda and good luck for all your goals! Cycling Impressions will always support you!!
Thank you!

Thursday, 31 January 2019

2019 UCI Cyclocross World Championships

For a moment I thought about calling this Impression Coppi & Bartali.
I don't think the comparison is too much.
They are the most interesting rivalry in cycling at the moment and the upcoming World Championships will be their true final battle.
They are moving to road cycling and, even if I hope they will battle in the same way on the road, we all know it won't be the same.
They both lost the cyclocross World Cup so they have just one last goal.
I hope and I'm pretty sure it will be an epic final battle in the cold north of Denmark.
It doesn't matter what will happen on Sunday, these two guys will be remembered together.
You won't pronounce Van Der Poel without recalling Van Aert and vice versa, this means being part of cycling history.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Cycling Impressions Interviews: Paola Panzeri

We had the pleasure to interview Paola Panzeri.
She is not just a rider, she mixes fashion and cycling with her unique style.
This makes her one of the most important cycling influencers on Instagram.

Hi Paola and thank you for your time! Where does your love for cycling come from?
Hi! My passion for cycling started watching my brother training every afternoon.
When I was 6 years old I asked to try and I've never stopped.

When did you jump on a bike for the first time and who put you on it?
The first were my parents, in particular my mom, when I was 4 years old.
One year later I started riding near the track where my brother used to train and when I was 6 years old I started racing.

Unbelievable, you didn't waste time! With which discipline did you start?
I started with road cycling but 4 years ago I discovered the Fixed world and I love it! I like the type of races and the atmosphere.

It is a nice world. You all look like a sort of big family. Which is your favorite race?
I did so many races that it is hard to choose a particular one. I can name New York for the location and the "8 Bar" of Berlin where the circuit is in an airport.

Who is your sport hero?
I was born as a sprinter so I can say that I like sprinters.
There are so many grate riders that personify the idea of the cycling champion that is hard to name someone in particular. Nevertheless, I don't want to forget all the riders that sacrifice themselves for the captain of the team.

Partially changing topic, I see that you are very active also in the area of fashion and art, is it hard to divide yourself between cycling and fashion? Can cycling inspire fashion or vice versa?
I chose to start the fashion and design academy because cycling couldn't be my entire life.
Even attending the academy I can still ride.
The lecturers are very cooperative and while travelling for my bike races I have the occasion to meet people of the fashion world. They are not areas strictly separated.
Every year I work with Giordana and my sponsors in order to create new fantastic kits, check them out!

Of course we will! What do you want to say to boys and girls that want to be pro riders?
I started my career with a specific goal so it is hard for me to give some advice.
I can say that you have just to pursue what you really want without listening to what they tell you.
I know it is commonplace, but you have to fight for your dream.

Thanks for your advice! Last question: do you have any hobby?
I could have so many hobbies but the problem is that I don't have time!! I spend most of my time between cycling and fashion.
Nevertheless, when I've a little time I generally see my friends or I go shopping.

Thank you very much Paola and good luck! Cycling Impressions will always be a fan of you!!
Thank you!

Friday, 4 January 2019

Cycling Impressions Interviews: Elena Pirrone

We had the pleasure to interview a World and European Champion: Elena Pirrone.
The talented girl from Bolzano, Italy, is currently riding for Astana Womens Team in the UCI Women's World Tour.
Here is what she told us at the start of 2019 cycling season.

Hi Elena and thank you, I'am excited and a bit nervous. I've never interviewed a World Champion before! I'll try to do my best.
Where does your love for cycling come from?
Hi! It is a pleasure for me too. My passion for cycling comes from my parents.
They are both former riders. When I was younger I loved following my dad at his races to cheer him.

This is nice! When did you jump on a bike for the first time and who put you on it?
To be honest, I can't remember how old I was, probably I was 3 but I'am not sure.
What I remember is that I had a red tricycle which I really loved and with which I always went around.

Let's move to your first races. Did you start with road cycling or cyclocross and which is your favorite?
I don't like cyclocross. When I was sixteen I did a couple of races just for fun but I prefer road cycling.
Cyclocross is too muddy and cold for me! I like watching it on TV.

Ahaha, I see your point. You have already won a World title and a European title, which is something fantastic, but what is your favorite race?
I love hard races in general.
I like Strade Bianche and the Ronde Van Vlaanderen but, unfortunately, I haven't had the occasion to race them yet.

Last question and thank you again for your time Elena. What do you want to say to boys and girls that would like to try to be pro riders?
All I can say is to always follow your dreams and never give up, because if you really want something it will come true.

Thank you very much Elena and good luck! Cycling Impressions will always be a fan of you!
Thank you!

Monday, 31 December 2018

The Hat of the Impressionist

Cycling Impressionists, here is the symbol of our brotherhood!
You can order the Hat writing an e-mail to
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See ya on the roads of a great new year of cycling (impressions)!

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Cycling Impressions Interviews: Stefano Oldani

We had the pleasure to interview one of the most interesting road cycling prospects: Stefano Oldani.
The Italian young talent, after some brilliant results with team Colpack, just signed a two years contract with Contador's Team Polartec - Kometa.
Here is what he told us.

Hi Stefano and thank you! It is a pleasure to interview you. Where does your love for cycling come from?
Hi! It is a pleasure for me too!
My love for cycling is born when I was a kid and I watched my elder brother racing. That's where it all started.

When did you jump on a bike for the first time and who put  you on it?
The first time I jumped on a bike I was 5 years old. I started riding with my dad.

Let's talk now about your racing career. Did you start with road cycling, track cycling or cyclocross? Which is your favorite?
I started with track cycling in the velodrome of Busto Garolfo, near Milan, Italy.
Talking about my favorite discipline, I can say that I really love mountainbiking in winter.

What is you favorite race?
I don't have a specific favorite race, let's say that I love Grand Tours.

We hope to see you wearing the Pink Jersey in the near future! Who is you sport hero?
To be honest I think my sport hero is Pantani, for the incredible feats he did.

What do you want to say to boys and girls that would like to try to be pro riders?
I tell them to have fun and enjoy what they are doing without being obsessed with growing fast.

Last question. Hobbies when you don't cycle?
I don't have a hobby in particular because cycling takes most of my day time. Nevertheless, I love spending my free time with my family. It is very relaxing.

Thank you very much Stefano and good luck! Cycling Impressions will always be a fan of you!
Thank you!