Monday, 17 June 2019

Cycling Songs: Ciao Mama - Quartetto Cetra

Italian song about a rider in the '50s.

Here is the translation:

Ciao mom,
I’m going, winning, and coming back;
you can already put the lamb in the oven.
I’ve put on the woollen undershirt you gave me, (ciao ciao)
ciao mom, (ciao ciao) ciao mom, (ciao ciao)
the team manager is calling me, (ciao ciao)
ciao mom, I’ll win, you’ll see.
ciao mom,
the doctor says
that if I take on this climb
my appendix will get inflamed,
but at the top of the climb there’s fame, (ciao ciao)
ciao mom, (ciao ciao) ciao mom, (ciao ciao)
someone is calling me from the car, (ciao ciao)
ciao mom, I’ll win, you’ll see.
I say goodbye to the supporters from the sports bar,
to Ninetta, to my friends, to boys and babies,
but, over anyone else,
a kiss and a greeting will fly to you.
(ciao ciao)
(ciao ciao)
ciao mom,
did you see what a final sprint?,
I’m coming back home in a short while:
prepare an omelette.
We’ll have a bit of glory and a bit of dough, (ciao ciao)
it’s so good, (ciao ciao) ciao mom, (ciao ciao)
for now, I just feel very hungry, (ciao ciao)
ciao mom, dish out Maccheroni

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