Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Year of Sagan

Sagan is a champion, this is a fact.
This is the best podium you can dream of if you are the winner of the World Championships. You won the gold medal and you have beaten two legends of the 21st century cycling era.
The question is: how long Sagan supremacy will last?
I've never seen a rider like him so far, I love Tom Boonen, I've loved Cipollini (Pantani is something different, he was not a rider he was a mythological hero) but Sagan is incredible.
In theory he can win on any terrain, he can win in a peloton sprint, he can win with a solo attack, he is unpredictable and unbeatable,
I've waited 3 yeras but I've to say that Sagan could become the best rider of all times and a true immortal icon of this sport.
2017 will be a crucial year for Sagan's saga but so far I can just say: Thank you Peter!

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