Friday, 3 January 2020

POC DO Blade

Dear Cycling Impressionists, I just tried POC DO Blade sunglasses.
I found them extremely comfortable. 
The grilamid frame makes the glasses incredibly light and the hydrophilic rubber nosepieces help the glasses stay steady even in sweaty conditions.
Talking about the lens, anti-fog and ripel treatments keep it always pristine.
The different lens tints increase contrast so that you can always react in time, not stressing too much your bike handling skills.
The lenses are interchangable.
In conclusion, I would definitely suggest POC DO Blade for road and off road cycling.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Sidi Kaos

I wanted to test these shoes in the Monza F1 circuit but, unfortunately, it was closed.
Nevertheless, I tested them quite well because I battled with a friend in a strong series of sprints.
The shoe perfectly fits the foot, the ratchet fastens the shoe and the rotor allows a super precise regulation.
Adjusting the rotor, you can make the shoe and your foot a single whole, obtaining a perfect sensitivity on the pedal.
During the traction, the shoe remains hard and block your foot, providing the best power on the pedals.
The pushing phase is good as well, due to the stiffness of the sole.
In conclusion, I can say that Sidi Kaos is a good shoe, suggested for people who want to have quite good performances without sacrificing their feet.
They are not the best Sidi shoes on the market but they are still a very good choice for an amateur.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Cycling Songs: Ciao Mama - Quartetto Cetra

Italian song about a rider in the '50s.

Here is the translation:

Ciao mom,
I’m going, winning, and coming back;
you can already put the lamb in the oven.
I’ve put on the woollen undershirt you gave me, (ciao ciao)
ciao mom, (ciao ciao) ciao mom, (ciao ciao)
the team manager is calling me, (ciao ciao)
ciao mom, I’ll win, you’ll see.
ciao mom,
the doctor says
that if I take on this climb
my appendix will get inflamed,
but at the top of the climb there’s fame, (ciao ciao)
ciao mom, (ciao ciao) ciao mom, (ciao ciao)
someone is calling me from the car, (ciao ciao)
ciao mom, I’ll win, you’ll see.
I say goodbye to the supporters from the sports bar,
to Ninetta, to my friends, to boys and babies,
but, over anyone else,
a kiss and a greeting will fly to you.
(ciao ciao)
(ciao ciao)
ciao mom,
did you see what a final sprint?,
I’m coming back home in a short while:
prepare an omelette.
We’ll have a bit of glory and a bit of dough, (ciao ciao)
it’s so good, (ciao ciao) ciao mom, (ciao ciao)
for now, I just feel very hungry, (ciao ciao)
ciao mom, dish out Maccheroni

Monday, 27 May 2019

Tyler Hamilton - The Secret Race

I know it's late but I've just read this book and I think it deserves a review.
I read this book ages after Armstrong's confession and everything that followed.
It may sound weird but this book is about truth and guts, that's why I loved it so much.
The book follows with incredible precision the career of Hamilton, a talented American rider.
The beginning is very interesting, pointing out the difference between the European and the American way of conceiving cycling.
Once Hamilton is hired by US Postal the book become a fantastic roller coaster between the feelings
of a human being, the passion of a young talented rider and, in the end, the wisdom of man.
The book could be classified in two different ways: as a scientific treatises, describing meticulously the doping practices, or as a coming-of-age story.
I prefer the second one. I think the meticulous description of the doping practices is an important part of the path of formation described in the book.
The book contains also a very interesting part about the preparation of Armstrong trial and the political decision to dismiss it.
Nevertheless, I think that what makes this book a Great book is the story of the man, of the rider, of a passionate kid that we could have been if we would have been more talented.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

The Favorites of the Impressionists

Dear Cycling Impressionists, you answered the survey and here it is!
Roglic is the undisputed favorite but there is a strong battle for the podium.
Yates and Dumoulin have a little advantage on Lopez but he is close.
Nibali, Landa and the young Sivakov have the same chances (very few) to arrive in Pink in Verona.
In the in between there is Majka, better than the three just mentioned but far from the big dogs.
None of you think Zakarin or Jungels can win the Giro. Would they be better off going on vacation?
I can't see a better place than Italy to spend your holidays.

Who will be right at the end of the third week?

Monday, 6 May 2019

Who's Gonna Win 2019 Giro d'Italia?

Who's gonna win 2019 Giro d'Italia? free polls