Monday, 31 December 2018

The Hat of the Impressionist

Cycling Impressionists, here is the symbol of our brotherhood!
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See ya on the roads of a great new year of cycling (impressions)!

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Cycling Impressions Interviews: Stefano Oldani

We had the pleasure to interview one of the most interesting road cycling prospects: Stefano Oldani.
The Italian young talent, after some brilliant results with team Colpack, just signed a two years contract with Contador's Team Polartec - Kometa.
Here is what he told us.

Hi Stefano and thank you! It is a pleasure to interview you. Where does your love for cycling come from?
Hi! It is a pleasure for me too!
My love for cycling is born when I was a kid and I watched my elder brother racing. That's where it all started.

When did you jump on a bike for the first time and who put  you on it?
The first time I jumped on a bike I was 5 years old. I started riding with my dad.

Let's talk now about your racing career. Did you start with road cycling, track cycling or cyclocross? Which is your favorite?
I started with track cycling in the velodrome of Busto Garolfo, near Milan, Italy.
Talking about my favorite discipline, I can say that I really love mountainbiking in winter.

What is you favorite race?
I don't have a specific favorite race, let's say that I love Grand Tours.

We hope to see you wearing the Pink Jersey in the near future! Who is you sport hero?
To be honest I think my sport hero is Pantani, for the incredible feats he did.

What do you want to say to boys and girls that would like to try to be pro riders?
I tell them to have fun and enjoy what they are doing without being obsessed with growing fast.

Last question. Hobbies when you don't cycle?
I don't have a hobby in particular because cycling takes most of my day time. Nevertheless, I love spending my free time with my family. It is very relaxing.

Thank you very much Stefano and good luck! Cycling Impressions will always be a fan of you!
Thank you!

Friday, 14 December 2018

Rider of the Year 2018

Congrats Peter! You have been elected Cycling Impression's rider of the year!
Someone says that winning a Paris - Roubaix is worth a Word title, but in this case it seems more than just a hyperbole.
Despite Valverde's great victory in Innsbruck, Sagan impressed everybody with his solo attack 50 kilometers away from Roubaix and gained the last encomium of the year.
I think this happened also due to the fact that Paris - Roubaix is the last legendary race. It brings us back to the legendary old cycling, made of gravel roads, punctures and hazard.
Nevertheless, Sagan would be remembered as the last winner of THE Paris - Roubaix because I don't know if we will call the race with its legendary name in the future.
I am talking about the shameful request, made by the Amis de Paris Roubaix, to fill the gaps between the cobbles of the Arenberg Forest with mortar.
They say that, otherwise, the sector is too hard to clean.
I hope they are kidding! We are talking about one of the last legendary cycling places in a cycling world that is moving to new nice places like Oman or Dubai but where history still has to be written.
My final question is: these people, asking to add mortar between the cobbles in the Arenberg Forest, are Friends of Paris Roubaix or Friends of the Sofa?