Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Cycling Songs: Il Bandito e Il Campione - Francesco De Gregori

This song is about Costante Girardengo and Sante Pollastri (an Italian anarchist).
Both of them were born and raised in Novi Ligure, a little Italian town, with the same love for cycling.
August 10, 1927, Sante Pollastri was arrested in Paris. He was there just to watch his friend Girardengo  riding a Six-day.

Friday, 4 May 2018

The First Pink Jersey

It is something hard to describe.
Wearing the first Pink Jersey can save a career, can save a season, can save a Giro.
Today, in Jerusalem, Duomoulin was simply amazing.
He is stronger than last year and came to Giro 101 for a memorable double.
He introduced himself to his contenders with today's incredible back to back.
I am not a stats maniac but I don't think we can count so many riders that have won the Giro the previous year and have been the first pink jersey a year later.
"Hey guys, allow me to introduce myself:  I am the Pink Jersey". This is what Dumoulin said today with his Time Trial.
After the press conference and the time trial,Tom Dumoulin seems to have scored the very first rounds, demolishing Froome with words and facts.
Nevertheless, the Giro is too long to say it's over.
What matters is that Dumoulin may not win the Giro 101, but he is the first pink jersey and that is enough to be remembered in a positive way in the Giro 101.