Monday, 13 March 2017

Milano - Sanremo Preview

Next Saturday is the day of the Classicissima, the spring World championship.
The charm of this race is unique.
It is apparently the easiest of the World Tour calendar, but concretely is the hardest because is absolutely unpredictable. If you want to win the Classicissima you have to choose the correct strategy and you don't have time to adjust an eventual strategy mistake.
As part of the race is on the road made by the Ancient Romans, allow me a Latin quote that perfectly describes the strategy situation in which every rider will find himself: "electa una via, non datur recusus ad alteram".
This is exactly what happens during the Milano-Sanremo: If you choose to attack on the Poggio, you know you won't have enough energies to make a proper sprint.

Passed the Turchino you start a nice ride on the legendary and generally sunny Aurelia, does exist a better way to welcome the spring after a cold winter? That is the question.
The answer is not so easy, the kilometres on the Aurelia are an inexorable wait for the explosive final. You spend these long kilometres on the coast just revising your strategy, studying your opponents and praying. The Aurelia is the place of the soul for the riders starting the Classics campaign.
In such an unpredictable and enchanted race, every single rider can dream to succeed and this is exactly what happens at the start.
The start of Milano-Sanremo is the place of the secret desires.
Everybody dreams to win and, in the depths of  his soul, is adjusting his strategy. Even the last helper of the weakest team thinks about winning the Milano-Sanremo at the start, because history showed us that this has already happened and it will happen again.

Here you can find a quick recognition of a part of the Aurelia the riders are going to tread next Saturday.

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