Friday, 14 July 2017

How Long Will This Charade Last?

The jurors continue taking shameful decisions trying to help French riders win at the Tour de France.
Bouhanni did something definitely worse than Sagan and he is still in the race, Bardet took a bottle just like Uran Uran, Bennet and Pauwels but the Jury "did not see".
My question is: is this a World Tour race or the aim of the organizers is just to have a ridiculous French parade?
The race, so far, make me leaning towards the second option.


  1. Ok, this is not definitely worse. Straying from your line or using elbows DURING A SPRINT is much worse than any crazy behaviour DURING NORMAL RIDING, because the dangers and possible consequences are far worse DURING A SPRINT. Look at the real consequences during the sprint ...

    1. The bottle thing is much more sketchy, though

  2. Thank you for your comment!It is always appreciated.
    Nevertheless I think It is worse Bouhanni's behaviour because was supported by malice, while Sagan COULD have acted accidentally.
    I underline the psychological aspect more than the consequences, because they are unpredictable.