Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Is Still Worth Watching The Tour De France?

The answer is No.
The Tour de France is generally quite a boring race in itself, It is full of flat stages and the climbs are always the same five every year.
What makes the Tour de France a great race is that the most iconic champions are at the start of this Grand Tour and animate it with their talent and their class.
When Valverde is out due to a bad crash and the World Champion is out due to a more than questionable decision of an unprepared jury, why should We still watch this piddling race?

P.S. If organizers are happy just with French victories, they should just decide to turn the Tour de France into the new French national championship.


  1. Yeah because the organizers decided to make Valverde fall and to DQ Sagan. they take their orders from the space nazis on the moon.

  2. Hi and thank you for your comment.
    I did not say that they made Valverde fall. I see that Demare is using his head to take position in the sprints but I haven't heard a single word from the Jury members about this.
    Nevertheless, I respect your opinion. Enjoy the sleeping Tour.