Monday, 9 May 2016

Giro d'Italia

In order to understsand what Giro d'Italia is, you have to do two things: buy and wear the Pink Jersey and deal with the first rest day.
During the first rest day of the Giro you have to deal with a deep sense of loneliness. In  few days you are already used to your new run of the mill and your day is empty without the daily stage.
This makes you understand, by contrast, what a presence, suddenly, Giro d'Italia becomes in your days once started.
You feel immediately part of the Giro's convoy and in a state of empathy with the riders.
Giro d'Italia is a 3 weeks party and  you are Giro addicted just after the prologue.
On the other side, wearing the Pink Jersey, makes you understand why the riders are struggling and fighting for it.
Put on a Pink jersey and you will feel incredibly satisfied, you will find yourself smiling without a particular reason, this is the power of the Pink Jersey. This is what happens when you buy the jersey, just try to imagine what does it mean if you conquer it on the road.
The last consideration concerns Giro d'Italia as a work of art.
During 3 weeks, you can watch a living painting every day. You see a multicolor peloton moving around the most beautifu and various country in the world.

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