Monday, 25 September 2017

Bergen 2017, History Has Been Made

Love him or hate him, Peter Sagan is in the history of cycling.
For the first time a rider has been able to win 3 world championships in a row.
The third victory has been the hardest of the three for Sagan's admission too.
The circuit was really difficult to interpret and you could play your cards just one time.
Sagan is also doing something incredible, that never happened before in the history of cycling, he is identifying himself with the rainbow jersey.
You don't even know which is the team jersey of Sagan, when you see a rainbow jersey you just think is Sagan's jersey.
What will happen next year when the rainbow jersey will change owner? Will we get used to the new rainbow jersey?
We have time to think about this, but let's enjoy another year of Sagan in his most suitable jersey before.

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