Friday, 11 March 2016

Cycling & Art

Cycling is a form of art but could be also the subject of a different form of art, this is what happens with
Greig Leach is one of the most talented painters of our times. He has exhibited in numerous museums across the United States, such as Virginia Museum of Fine Arts,  1708 Gallery, Jasper Center for the Arts, Imagine in Jacksonville, Chattahoochee Valley Art Museum and so on.
His deep love for cycling made the riders and the race situations the favourite subject of his drawings. His fine hand and his sensibility bring to life this incredible images that make you feel inside the race in the situtation which is repredented in the painting.
His art is incredibely dynamics and emotional, this is made possible due to his deep love for cycling that is positively transferred in his drawings.
For these reasons he is definitely my favourite contemporary "cycling painter".
If you are interested I suggest you to check his website:
He as recently published a cycling art book celebrating the last Cycling World Championships entitled: "Art of Cycling: Richmond 2015 UCI Road World Championships", avaiable at

 Taking it Alone, Greig Leach:

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