Monday, 21 March 2016

Milano - Sanremo Surprises Us Again!

After more than 100 years of history this incredible race is still able to surprise us.
This is the first time in the history of this incredible race that there is not a winner.
According to the race jury, of course, directed by a French, despite the important statements made by Tosatto and Capecchi, there is a winner but it is clear that the real situation is different.
The so called winner,  climbed the Cipressa towed by his team car at the incredible speed of 52.2 Km/h, as everybody can see checking the data provided by Strava.
The jury French president still stays silent but you can't win the Classicissima in this way, there is a sort of ancestral code of the classics saying that you have to deserve your result and everybody can be sure that these events won't be forgotten.
You can't betray a Classic, and this time Milano - Sanremo has been betrayed by the president of the Jury and by the FDJ team manager.
I can't blame the rider, to be honest, he just obeyed his team manager but unfortunately he can't be called winner of the Milano - Sanremo.
In this leap year Milano - Sanremo decided to make us wait two years after the win of John Degenkolb to know the name of a new winner. Could this be a way to pay a tribute to the former winner who couldn't partecipate due to a hit-and-run driver?
We don't know, that's the fact. This race has a soul and is aslways able to surprise us deciding by itself what has to happen.

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