Friday, 6 May 2016

Danilo Di Luca - Bestie da Vittoria

Generally I don't buy Sport biographies but, I don't know why, since I've heard of this book I knew I wanted it. Of course not because of the doping matter and so on, this is a silly reason to buy this book, also because this is not a book about doping.
I bought the book and I finished it in 5 days.
This book deserves a reading because it is the story of a man who discovers, since he was a kid, to be a strong rider, a champion.
Telling the story of this guy the book represents in an incredibly realistc and brave way the world of pro cycling.
Di Luca prove to be a champion signing his book and his statements. This is what makes the difference between a champion and a thief, a "Cycliste Masqué" (review soon).
The book drives you through the life of a man and the career of a rider.
Once finished the book you will see cycling in a different way but not due to  the doping sotries but because, finished this book, you can say you have tried a pro rider experience.

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