Saturday, 22 April 2017

The Eagle Of Filottrano

This is a very sad article to write.
You have no words when this kind of tragedies happen.
Nevertheless, I decided to write this article to pay a tribute to one of the most representative riders of the cycling world, Michele Scarponi.
I am very sad also because yesterday, answering to the last Tweet of Michele, I told him to bring to his children two pink jerseys too and He liked my comment.
This made me feel even closer to him, because this was Michele, a rider incredibly close to people and fans.
He has never been arrogant or conceited, he was always ready to joke with someone and this made him the rider of the people.
The career of Michele is out of the question, he has been one of the best riders of the last 20 years, but what makes the difference is that he will be remembered for his fantastic personality and this is the hardest trophy to conquer.
Remembering Michele, I just want to imagine that the Eagle of Filottrano will fly over the Peloton protecting the riders.

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